We are architects and designers; we are Dutch, French, and Polish. Bygg architecture & design is our collective name.

We design public spaces, housing complexes, private houses and even self-built houses.

We create exhibition design and interiors for restaurants, cafes, and bars.

We engage in thoughtful design and experimentation within the fields of furniture and lighting.

We began our collaboration with the development of Plug-in-City Eindhoven in Strijp-S, where we are now based. Together with the Strijp-S community, we designed and constructed this unique space, encompassing a workspace, coffee bar, and event area.

We grapple with complex spatial matters. We foster a design dialogue with the territory, engaging with its social structure. We design primarily from existing elements, taking inspiration from what is already there.

We reflect on the temporality of our interventions and their life cycles, adapting them to the local community's shifts or repurposing them elsewhere.

We strive for circular solutions, viewing second-hand materials not only as valuable physical resources but also as sources of inspiration, fueling our creativity. We value modularity, interchangeability, and collaboration as vital tools in our process.

We connect with an extensive network of like-minded professionals, including makers, designers, and researchers.

We are Bygg architecture & design, committed to creativity, innovation, and sustainable transformation rooted in the existing environment.

Clients & Partners