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Bygg Architecture & Design, a dynamic collective where creativity meets sustainability, and where ideas transform into tangible realities.


We are a blend of Dutch, French, and Polish background, united under the banner of Bygg Architecture & Design.
Our journey began with Plug-in-City project in Strijp-S, Eindhoven, a "city in motion" which now serves as our creative base. Here, we designed a versatile space integrating a workspace, coffee bar, and event space, in collaboration with the vibrant Strijp-S community.


Public Space: We specialize in conceptualizing and revitalizing public spaces, from town squares to forgotten urban pockets and to public buildings, ensuring each design resonates with its spatial \, natural and social territory.

Housing Solutions: Our portfolio spans large-scale complexes, custom residences, and self-built houses. Our goal is to bring high architectural quality, ensuring a healthy living environment, and focusing on sustainability and affordability in each project.

Interior - scenography: We craft interior spaces such as bars and restaurants, where functionality harmoniously intertwines with storytelling. In exhibition scenography, we turn narratives into immersive experiences, embracing experimentation and creative liberty.

Object: Our product designs organically emerge from our interior and scenographic projects, resulting in a unique collection that reflects each interior identity we have crafted.


We prioritize circular solutions, seeing second-hand materials not merely as resources but as wellsprings of inspiration. Our designs are living entities, evolving with community needs and easily repurposed to new contexts. We initiate dialogues and collaborative sessions that shape our designs to be in harmony with the community's spirit and needs.
We believe in the power of connection, working closely with a network of makers, designers, and researchers.


In every project, we engage in a deep dialogue with the space and its social fabric, designing with an eye for temporality and life cycles.
Our roots in Plug-in-City Eindhoven reflect our enduring commitment to innovation and sustainable transformation, always grounded in the existing environment.

We are always excited to embark on new journeys and face fresh challenges...

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