I am born and raised in Warsaw where I first started my architectural education. Since I complete my interest in architecture in the Netherlands, first by finishing my education, before gaining a professional experience with a better understanding of the real world and since 2013 as the co-founder of Bygg Architecture & Design. I can consider myself a polish-dutch architect!

Being influenced by these two different contexts: Poland and The Netherlands, helped me to always look at things from different perspectives, and understand the cultural differences in the architecture field. Besides living for architecture, I have been always fascinated by history, geography, and biology. In the last one, I find plenty of inspirations.

As an architect I believe I should understand and work within the system: social, economic, political, and transform it to serve the needs of people while preserving nature.

At the same time, I need to stay critical about the world and not be imprisoned by dogmas or ways of thinking, keep being rebellious in the small changes I can make. I believe that the accumulation of small changes will push grander improvement of our way of living and impact our world.

I like to compare this process to the evolution of life on Earth. Small changes in the translation of DNA, small mutations eventually lead to changes and improvements in living organisms. Of course, uncontrolled changes, or too many of them will lead to harmful malfunctions, cancers, or eventually to the death of an organism. Therefore, if we finish the metaphor: on an architect lays great responsibilities!

On the one hand, I am fascinated by patterns, order, rules, and simplicity. On the other hand, I thrive for an spontaneousness, for an exception, I want to bring a spark, to color, to produce textures, and deliver joy in the architecture.

When it comes to working with clients or users, I always put their wishes and well-being in the first place, and always in dialogue with the natural world. At the same time, I want to surprise and explore together the unthinkable.

But we all that said, at the end of the day, what gives me a smile is to know someone somewhere finds a moment of joy in a place I have designed.