Piotr Szczesniak
Architect & co-founder


Piotr's architectural journey, starting in post-communist Warsaw and reaching a defining stage at TU/e Eindhoven, has profoundly influenced his approach to design. Growing up in a rapidly transforming society, where the echoes of the past meet the challenges of the new, has given him a unique perspective. This, combined with his rich blend of cultural experiences and deep interests in history, geography, and biology, shapes his distinctive approach to architecture.

Known for his abundant creativity, Piotr has a talent for rapidly generating a multitude of ideas and bringing them to life through his exceptional rendering skills. He treats each project as a canvas, skillfully visualizing concepts that blend order with spontaneity, and simplicity with vibrant bursts of color, texture, and joy. He places the wishes and well-being of clients and users at the forefront, always mindful of the natural world, while striving to introduce innovative, out-of-the-box ideas.

He approaches this with a mix of critical thinking and a commitment to sustainable, progressive change, drawing parallels to the evolutionary process in nature.

Piotr also contributes to the academic field as a tutor at TU/e Eindhoven, where he shares his knowledge and passion for architecture.