Raphael Coutin
Designer & co-founder


Raphaël Coutin's journey in the realms of design and architecture is rooted in a diverse educational background, beginning with sculpture at ENSAAMA in Paris, and later expanding into social design at Design Academy Eindhoven. This eclectic foundation has enabled him to navigate seamlessly between various creative disciplines, collaborating with a range of studios, institutions, and schools to explore the expansive world of design.

Raphaël's approach to design is context-driven; he seeks to establish a dialogue between his work and its surroundings, both socially and geographically. He perceives design as a tool for connection, a means to crystallize ideas, ideals, visions, and reflections into tangible and comprehensible forms. His toolkit is varied, encompassing maquettes, drawings, 3D models, animations, and scale prototypes, all instrumental in translating abstract concepts into specific realities.

Raphaël Coutin blends professional practice with education. He tutors in Social Design at Design Academy Eindhoven and annually teaches 'Imagining the Future,' a course at Vilnius University since 2020.This innovative course uses science fiction and design as a tool to engage students in envisioning and critically analyzing future scenarios. Alongside these academic roles, Raphaël organises various workshops, fostering hands-on creativity and sharing his knowledge in the field.

Raphaël's career is marked by a constant pursuit of integrating art, design, and social consciousness, continually exploring how these elements can intersect to reimagine and reshape our understanding of the world.