Ivo Hulskamp
Designer & co-founder


Ivo Hulskamp's expertise in design spans multiple domains, from interior and product design to shaping public spaces. His background in engineering and product design (University of the Arts Utrecht) and a Master's in Public Space Design (MAHKU) have equipped him with a unique approach that emphasizes collaborative processes and problem solving across all areas of his work.

Whether working on interior spaces, crafting innovative products, or shaping communal areas, Ivo's strength lies in his ability to facilitate co-creation and ensure that every participant's voice is heard. This inclusive methodology results in designs that not only meet functional requirements but also resonate deeply with users' needs and aspirations.

Ivo excels in the art of merging diverse requirements into cohesive designs. His approach within our collective is defined by a deep commitment to meaningful collaboration, blending functionality, aesthetics, and community engagement across various design realms. He is particularly focused on creating smart and effective strategies that grant autonomy to communities and foster significant societal change.