I have always wanted to be an architect. The ability to materialize what is in my mind into a space for others to use and to enjoy, is what I like. Through architecture I can ventilate my creativity, which comes from a deep interest in the world, in people’s needs and in trying to find meaning in live.

I find great pleasure in teamwork. All persons are different: To each, their own. Collaboration to me means finding common ground between people with different backgrounds, interests, methodologies, values and experiences. It is a blessing to be working with great people all the time.

My experience as a parliamentarian of the Province of Noord-Brabant for eight years, has brought a decent network, and has given me a brought perspective on the word which keeps on surprising me. From the political role I have learned to evaluate unreconcilable interests; like: economy vs ecology.

Being in an office isn't enough, I like to work with my hands. I like to experiment, prototype, engineer, build in small scale or real life scale; learn skills with machines. It makes me a better architect, knowing how things can be assembled on site or in a factory.

This is where I am presently, I wish to provoke changes by making the conscious choices for sustainable alternatives, through trials and errors, by taking risks. I find inspiration in rethinking natural and man-made resources, in questioning how to build from and for reuse. Can architecture help to create resilient society in the face of climate change and new economic realities?

I am happy, to be working with our great team of Bygg Architecture & Design and the network of good people around us, to work on these challenges. At the same time, I shall not forget to make buildings that are nice, pretty and pleasant!