The Gymnast
Year: 2019 | Production: Studio Remy, Corradino Garofalo & Bygg | Furniture design and produce for Modular Pavilion
Designers Raphaƫl Coutin, Ivo Hulskamp

The GymnastThe GymnastThe GymnastThe GymnastThe GymnastThe Gymnast

In 2019, Bygg designed a modular pavilion for the Rijksvastgoedbedrijf (Real Estate organisation of the dutch government).
Built with reclaimed materials (window frames and an old gymnastic floor), the team took the opportunity to design a furniture collection following the same design identity.

This collection, The Gymnast, uses the old wooden gymnastic floor strips. The colored line remains visible as a reminder of the previous life of the wood.

In addition to the dark hardwood, the designers introduce a simple birch plywood fixed with white connector designed on openstructures.net grid. This grid system is developed to create interchangeable objects within the platform.Bygg developed those connectors according to the dimension of the grid, and are shared in the platform.