Modular Pavilion
Year: 2019-2025 | Location: Amsterdam, RAI | Status: Build | Client: Rijksoverheid, Dutch Government | Size: 105 m²
Designers: Raphaël Coutin, Hanna Lenart, Ivo Hulskamp, Tim Kouthoofd, Piotr Szczesniak
Special thanks to Remy van Zandbergen, Corradino Garofalo, Joan Velve Rafecas


This temporary pavilion is developed by Bygg Architecture & Design, for the real estate fair Provada in the RAI in Amsterdam. It was commissioned through public tender by the Rijksvastgoedbedrijf, the real estate organization of the Dutch government, and the pavilion is a significant example of fully circular design and construction.

Plug-In-Provada has been designed according to the open structures system, with recycled materials and elements. The use of the Open Structures system offers very flexible opportunities in terms of (re) usability, recognisability and sustainability.

Moreover, other items, such as chairs, tables and cabinets are all designed and produced from recycled materials. All interior elements in the pavilion are uniquely made for this application. The commission did include the design, the entire production, the construction on the venue, the dismantling and finally the storage for next use. The client intends to re-use the pavilion for the duration of six years, after which we will find new purpose for all the components in new circular projects, thus keeping the materials in an endless loop.

The pavilion is modular, removable, materials are kept intact as much as possible (not subdivided) and dimensions are commonly used, so that the parts remain intact and usable in the future, for a new sustainable purpose.