De Verheven Huisjes
Year: 2019 | Location: Eindhoven, Edisonstraat | Status: Build | Client: Sint Trudo | Size: 75 m²
Designers: Tim Kouthoofd, Piotr Szczesniak, Hanna Lenart

De Verheven HuisjesDe Verheven HuisjesDe Verheven HuisjesDe Verheven HuisjesDe Verheven HuisjesDe Verheven Huisjes

In October 2016, Sint Trudo, a social housing corporation in Eindhoven, issued a call for architecture practices to submit a proposal for a residential design in Woensel West - a neighborhood with a past of depreciation, which since early 2000s has had several projects aimed at improving its image. The assignment was to create an iconic and inventive plan for one or two housing units with engaged visual recognition, compact living space, sustainability, and durability. Of 41 submissions, the project ‘Verheven Huisjes [Exalted Houses], an Ode to Woensel West’, by bygg architecture & design, was pointed out unanimously as winner.

The houses are constructed from prefabricated cross-laminated timber. This system includes the supporting construction, which connects the houses (including cantilever) with the plinth and also the facades, the intermediate floors, the interior walls and the roof. Thanks to this construction method, the project could be realized quickly and within budget. The facade finish consists of a color-mixed plaster system, creating a feeling of identification and self-recognition among local residents. The Huisjes symbolize the diversity of Woensel-West - the melting pot of immigrant families, eccentric loners, young artists, and seniors on mobility scooters. They all call Woensel-West their home.