Upside down House

Year: 2015 | Status: concept | Client: Bygg | Size: 164 m²
Designers: Tim Kouthoofd, Piotr Szczesniak

Upside Down HouseUpside Down HouseUpside Down HouseUpside Down House

The pitched roof is archetypical for many houses and often defines the architectural expression. It appeals to people’s idea of what a house should look like and many find the visibility of the roof from the interior appealing.In the Upside Down house the living spaces and bedrooms are turned upside-down, adding spatial quality to the living room, dining and kitchen by exposing the pitched roof from the interior. This allows a dynamic composition of the ceiling surface, following the roof line, capturing daylight, shadow and space throughout the day. The living spaces become like a ‘loft’ with terraces on top of a plinth with private quarters, internal garage and entrance. This allows for high density housing blocks on relatively small plots, while maintaining a large degree of privacy, view and freedom for the residents.Two bedrooms border the backyard, which can be small, because of the availability of large roof terraces accessible from the living room. Optionally the house can be placed at a waterfront with a wooden deck. In addition, the street side bedroom may be used as an office at home with an optional separate entrance for clients, since it borders directly to the street.The living floor with terraces on two sides enables diversity in façade types, when applied as terraced housing or in a block and makes the house indiscriminate to the orientation to the sun.