The Habitat
Year: 2022 | Location: Eindhoven, Woenselsestraat | Status: competition | Client: Census Real Estate, Gemeente Eindhoven | Size: 1.840 m
Designers: Tim Kouthoofd, Piotr Szczesniak, Hanna Lenart



The former St. Peter's School at Woenselsestraat 316 has a historical and aesthetic value for Woensel and Eindhoven. Our aim was to create not only a healthy and pleasant place to live, but also a space for biodiversity. Our aim is to give The Habitat back to the city by removing the fences, open in up territories to public and allowing the vegetation through permeable tiling to invade. We devide the outdoor space into three atmospheres, three different level of privacy: the meadow-like ‘wadi’, ‘the courtyard’ and a ‘'forest garden’ . The different type of pavement gently and intuitively guides the residents through the various zoning created.
Next to the former school building, stand a new biobased building, with ground-bound maisonette apartments oriented towards the collective space. Each apartment has its own outdoor space, and the residents can make use of collective facilities.

The volume of the new building fits modestly next to its older brother, the school. The clarity between old and new remains a theme that will also return inside the school building. “New interventions” will be carried out as much as possible as a box-in-box principle with new (biobased) materials, without affecting the monumental values. The monumental building can accommodate 8 spacious apartments without modifying its structure, each with a suspended mezzanine placed in the former classrooms. In this way ‘old’ and ‘new’ can be distinguished and the intervention can be reversed for future purposes.