The Habitat
Year: 2022 | Location: Eindhoven, Woenselsestraat | Status: competition | Client: Census Real Estate, Gemeente Eindhoven | Size: 1.840 m
Designers: Tim Kouthoofd, Piotr Szczesniak, Hanna Lenart



The former St. Peter's School at Woenselsestraat 316 in Woensel, Eindhoven has historical and aesthetic significance. The project aimed to transform it into a living space that is healthy, pleasant and also supports biodiversity. The fences will be removed, making the area accessible to the public, and vegetation will be allowed to grow through permeable tiles. The outdoor space is divided into three zones with varying levels of privacy - a meadow-like 'wadi', 'the courtyards' and a 'forest garden'. Different types of pavement lead residents through the different areas.

A new biobased building has been built next to the former school. It has ground-level maisonette apartments that face the shared space, each with its own outdoor area and access to shared facilities. The new building fits modestly beside the historic school building, and the distinction between old and new is maintained throughout the interior as well. New additions are made using the "box-in-box" principle with biobased materials while preserving the building's historical value. The former school building can accommodate 8 spacious apartments without altering its structure, each with a suspended mezzanine in the former classrooms. This distinguishes between old and new and allows for future reversibility.