Stiphout Natuurpoort
Year: 2021 | Location: Helmond, Stiphout | Status: concept | Type:Place | Client: Burgerinitiatief | Size: 568m2
Designers:  Tim Kouthoofd, Piotr Szczesniak


A beautiful nature, forests, lakes and blue heather are surrounding Eindhoven and Helmond. They offer open space, peace, tranquility and are ideal for biking, running and walking. Their landscape is characterized by hilly meadows with farms and small villages scattered through out the nature.

Bygg has been asked by a local citizens’ initiative to design a circular pavilion as a starting point for a cycling and walking tours. The Natuurpoort Stiphout offers a flexible program through its adjustable layout while its vertical lines fade into the verticality of the trees of the Stiphoutse Bossen. The building acts as a recreational base for the community and nature enthusiasts.

To ensure the minimal interference in the natural environment, the volume is slightly elevated, and the building elements are made of natural and circular materials. The structure is light and open to maximize the visual and physical connection with nature. The topography of the plot gives the opportunity to extend a path under the building and create a real ‘gate’ experience for visitors entering the surrounding landscape. A terrace with a floating deck is oriented towards the sun and can be accessed from the ground level, as it extends into the woods in a form of a tribune and blurs the boundary between inside and outside.