Stadhuisplein 2040
Year: 2023 | Location: Eindhoven | Status: Winning concept - Master Plan in Progress | Client: Gemeente Eindhoven |
Designers: Raphael Coutin, Ivo Hulskamp,Tim Kouthoofd, Piotr Szczesniak
Ecology adviser: Gijs Meijer - Sweco  | Mobility adviser: Mathijs Schoenmakers - Royal Haskoning DHV

Welcome to "Het Paradijs"

Stadhuisplein embarks on the visionary journey of transformation, "Het Paradijs" takes its name from the name of the townhall district.
Situated at the heart of Eindhoven, this project elevates Stadhuisplein to become a haven where the city's dreams, identity, and vitality converge.
"Het Paradijs" integrates various elements such as the Dommel river, a nature corridor, a central pavilion, district gates, and a symbolic tree. Together, these components create a harmonious composition, reshaping Stadhuisplein into an inviting, sustainable, and lively urban space for all in Eindhoven.

De Binnen Dommel:
Central to our vision is the reintroduction of the Dommel river, weaving in and around the square, creating a nature corridor that connects with the historical essence of Eindhoven. The river is not merely a water feature but a living, flowing element that adds visual richness and historical significance to the city. A delicate spatial balance is achieved between the reintroduction of strong biodiversity and the intensive use of the square by its citizens.

Our commitment to nature extends to the rooftop landscape, where long eco-corridors run as pathways on a higher floor above the ground floor's commercial activities, connecting all the buildings around the square. The interplay between these elements forms a network that fosters biodiversity and provides a public viewpoint for wanderers, nurturing a sense of unity and ecological continuity.

The Pavilion:
At the heart of "Het Paradijs" lies the central pavilion, designed as a versatile hub for community engagement. This pavilion offers a sheltered space with seating element and a stage, protecting any activities from the elements, be it rain or sun. The intentional use of wood creates a warm ambiance, welcoming residents and visitors alike to participate in various events, gatherings, or life event.

District Gates:
Five district gates stand as symbolic representations of Eindhoven's boroughs, forming a unique and imaginative entrance to Stadhuisplein. These gates not only add a touch of local identity but also serve as welcoming thresholds to the diverse communities within the city. They create a sense of belonging and pride, echoing the unique character of each borough while contributing to the overall unity of Eindhoven.

The Tree:
In the middle of the square stands a symbolic lime tree, representing nature as an integral part of Eindhoven. This tree, a standing citizen of the city, encapsulates our commitment to a nature-inclusive design. Rooted in the historical context, this linden tree serves as a reminder of the city's rich past while embracing a sustainable and inclusive future.

In summary, "Het Paradijs" propose a harmonious blend of nature, history, and community. The Dommel river, eco-corridors, pavilion, district gates, and symbolic tree together form a tapestry of elements that redefine Stadhuisplein, creating a vibrant, sustainable, and inviting urban space for everyone in Eindhoven.