Year: 2019 | Location: Helmond, Brainport Smart District | Status: ongoing | Client: Stichting Samenbouw | Size: 40 houses
Designers: Raphael Coutin, Hanna Lenart, Ivo Hulskamp, Tim Kouthoofd, Piotr Szczesniak
Special thanks to Indre kalinauskaite & Hugo Pilate


The project Samenbouw provides a new form of self-building, where the buyers build their homes themselves, with professional help with our building system. The main goal of this concept is to provide affordable owner-occupied homes for people with an average income because a substantial part of the construction costs is avoided by the self-building.

First, using a prototype we test the feasibility of the timber prefab system that can be assembled with simple tools, just like Swedish furniture. The ground and pipework are made by a construction company, as well as a prefab block with the bathroom, toilet, and meter cupboard inside.

Then, as a part of Brainport Smart District, we develop 40 houses, which fill out the gap for low-income buyers and give the flexibility to be adapted over time, to meet the needs of the residents during different life phases. The development will be built according to the principles of a passive house, with careful orientation towards the sun and with the residents forming a strong community by working together from the beginning.