Year: 2024 | Location: Eindhoven | Status: winning concept underdevelopment
Size: 5500m2
Designers: Tim Kouthoofd, Piotr Szczesniak
Collaborator: Architecten|en|en, BIEB, Strotec, EarthY, MOESKOPS, Advies bureau van de Laar and KruitKok Landschaps architecten.

The guardian in the landscape
We are thrilled to announce that we have unanimously won the competition for the 'Meerhoven residential tower' from the Municipality of Eindhoven with the Salix Consortium. Inspired by a graceful willow, the 'Salix' stands proudly at the entrance of Meerhoven, serving as a unique addition to the local landscape. Its vertical neighborhoods foster closeness and a strong sense of community rooted in the landscape. Residents collectively own the building, enhancing engagement with the living environment and social connections.

Vertical Neighborhood
The new residential tower is a pioneering project in the development of community-oriented living. By creating vertically stacked neighborhoods with collective indoor and outdoor spaces, Salix promotes interaction and a sense of solidarity among residents. The housing concept adopts a cooperative approach, actively involving future residents in the design and development of the tower.

Sustainability and Design
With a focus on sustainability and thoughtful design, we integrate innovative construction methods and eco-friendly materials into the design of Salix. Concrete, laminated wood, and straw are combined to create a robust yet environmentally friendly structure. The facade, made from thermally treated wood sourced from former stables, adds a touch of authenticity to the design. All of this results in a net carbon storage rather than emissions.

Landscape Integration
As a distinctive landmark within the park, Salix stands as a solitary element at the park's edge. The rising terrain around the building merges with the hills in the landscape, concealing the underground parking garage and allowing greenery to extend to the building. Through careful selection of suitable natural materials and thoughtful design elements, Salix seamlessly blends into the surroundings. Terraces and green elements, providing amenities for flora and fauna, contribute to the asymmetrical facade. This treats residents to dynamic view sand a connection to the natural environment.

The Power of Collaboration
Born from our shared vision, the Salix Consortium is an example of the power of collaboration and community-oriented thinking. With the challenges associated with ambitious goals, our joint effort has resulted in this initial design, which will make a significant contribution to the Brainport region.