What Design Can Do, New Horizon, refugees, circular economy

A tool to foster interaction and collaboration between refugees and the local community.
Bygg Architecture& Design has formed a design team to participate in the open calls of thenational refugee shelter agency and the What Design Can Do Foundation to develop an innovative concept for shelter of refugees.

We propose a toolbox, consisting of building elements made of re-usable materials, harvested through urban mining. The modularity of those elements allows the development of various designs, able to adapteach time to the need of refugees, embedded in a local community. We have worked out three examples.

The Re_Loc_ concept proposes a coming together of local communities and refugees through adaptable architecture. Introducing these two groups to each other isimportant, as it helps to overcome angst which arises from facing the unknown. Our design team presents a way to support interactions and self-empowerment between the host communities (Loc_) and the refugees (Re_) on different levels and eventually soften this angst.