Year: 2014 | Location: Hasselt, BE - Eindhoven, NL | Status: Built | concept for Master Social Design Graduation
Designer Raphaël Coutin


Re–place is a modular structure: a unit, build in the border of a building work site. Old doors and windows from the building are replace outside to act as a new kind of fence. The space created wish to open the view and the debate on the worksite.

The Project is a project looking at the metamorphosis of urban landscape through building movement, questioning the state of construction sites within the city, and how the community can be involve in the design of public spaces.

Buildings influence our behavior. they are where we live, work, eat…they are witnesses of the time when they were built. but most buildings do not last. the rapid changes in our society dictate an increasing need for adaptations. it is part of human nature to always re-think, re-shape, re-design the environment; it is our way of appropriating cities, but during a deconstruction or construction process the site close its doors and hide itself behind distracting fences thus its potential, its history and stories are disappearing with the physical residues.