Year: 2018 | Location: Eindhoven, Campina Terrain | Status: Competition, First jury winner and first public winner | Client: BPD
Designers: Raphaƫl Coutin, Hanna Lenart, Ivo Hulskamp, Tim Kouthoofd, Piotr Szczesniak


We got invited for a two day design workshop during Dutch Design Week 2018 on the topic: Circular transformation of the Campina Terrain. The competition called for a strategy on how to re-use materials from the old buildings into the new development.

Inspired by the constant movement in the city, we designed an additional layer to the public space, creating a new level of circulation through the area. With the materials from the former factory, we build steel structures to bridge the transformed factory buildings on a suspended level, with movable platforms intended for different activities. The concept proposes four axes: hospitality, leisure, urban farming and urban sports. Moreover, we want future users to define specific functions of each platform. To achieve that we scatter them at first throughout the city, making the reuse of the materials visible and engaging communities in the design process, to finally have them return to Campina.