Bus Station Piekary
Year: 2014 | Location: Piekary Śląskie, Jana Pawla, PL | Status: competition | Size: pavilions 100 m², area 4500 m² |
Designers: Tim Kouthoofd, Piotr Szczesniak

Bus Station PiekaryBus Station PiekaryBus Station PiekaryBus Station Piekary

In 2014 Bygg participated in a competition for the transformation of the bus station in Piekary Śląskie, an industrial town in southern Poland. Currently, the station is not an inviting and pleasant place, the station doesn’t meet nowadays requirements of safety, comfort and availability for disabled users. In the proposed concept, the typical existing red columns, carrying the roofs above the platforms, are kept. The roofs are replaced with transparent polycarbonate a LED lighting system (adjusting intensity and colour) is installed in the columns, making the platforms light and safe. Between the main street and platforms all facilities are located. Instead of one large object, smaller round pavilions are proposed, with the intention of creating an inviting public space, an open market, where space flows around and leads passengers to the platforms. For the comfort, the square is also under the roof. Even though the pavillions are open and inviting during the day, they can be closed (against vandalism) during the night, by sliding perforated steel panels.