M by Muziekgebouw
Year: 2023 | Location: Eindhoven, De Heuvel Gallery | Status: built | Client : Muziekgebouw Eindhoven | Size: 270m2
Designers: Raphael Coutin, Ivo Hulskamp with Soep Creative Collective & Jasper Bloem | Graphic design: Marc Koppen
Special thanks to Corradino Garofalo

"M" is the coffee bar of Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, known for its intimate concerts and cozy atmosphere.
In 2023, the venue sought a revitalization to reemerge as a vibrant hotspot within Eindhoven's cultural scene. The decision was made to align the bar's style with the brand identity of Eindhoven itself. Utilizing Eindhoven vibes and the fonts to set the tone for this refurbishment.

Constrained by a tight timeline for design and renovation, we decided on a system that would redefine the space with uniquely sized printed panels, doubling as dynamic communication elements. A flexible mounting system was engineered, allowing each panel to be easily installed and replaced, all secured by small bolts in the shape of Eindhoven's red logo.

Drawing inspiration from Eindhoven's two-line font, we designed an adjustable light fixture capable of hosting two glass tube light. This design suggest the font's parallel lines within the spatial layout. It integrates a mechanism for adjusting the angle, offering considerable versatility. The use of 3D-printed elements enabled rapid in-house production.

To balance the vivid colors of the panels, the furniture collection was designed with softer material tones and more round shapes. The collection introduces round tables, sofas, oblong coffee tables, and stools. The cushion colors come to harmonize with the wall panels, creating a cohesive and inviting environment.