Museum Door De Stad
Commissioned by: Eindhoven museum | Date: June - November 2020 |  Location: Woensel, Stratum, Strijp, Tongelre, Gestel and Eindhoven centrum | Link: eindhovenmuseum.nl/.....
Design & Production: Raphaël Coutin, Ivo Hulskamp
Thanks for the support of Plug-in City

Museum door de StadMuseum door de StadMuseum door de StadMuseum door de StadMuseum door de StadMuseum door de Stad

In 1920, 5 municipalities united to become ‘Groot Eindhoven’. As a celebration of this 100-year anniversary, Eindhoven Museum organized an interactive exhibition throughout the 5 boroughs of Eindhoven.

For that occasion, Bygg was asked to design and produce a museum capable of moving easily every 2 months while being an attractive urban landmark.
The three spaces, 2 horizontal spaces, and 1 vertical container gallery were hosting various interactive projects explaining the history of Eindhoven but also collecting creative input in order to refresh the identity of Eindhoven, as a collage of different local identities.

The vertical Gallery got crowed by a metallic structure presenting 9 inclined mirrors. The mirrors reflect the urban landscape to every passer-by acting as a sort of periscope.

At night, these three united boxes, shined warm neon lights as a signal that this temporary intervention is in the neighborhood.