M House Self-build
Year: 2023 | Location: Brainport Smart District, Helmond | Status: Underconstruction | Client: Private
Designers: Piotr Szczesniak, Tim Kouthoofd, Ivo Hulskamp
Prefabrication : Tiny Verberne
Special thanks: Mark van der Linde


The project is located in Brainport Smart District, a pioneering housing development that aims to be the smartest and most innovative in the region.
To be approved, projects must meet high standards in a range of areas including circularity, energy, water management, participation, and health.

M House may be small in size, but it meets ambitious goals. Using the construction concept developped by Bygg: Samenbouw, residents can build their own home without the involvement of a construction company, resulting in lower costs and therefor more affordable.
The system uses lightweight prefabricated wooden elements, delivered to the site and assembled by the residents themselves, only the foundation and the piping are done by professionals. The house's insulation and cladding are also completed by residents, allowing them to have a greater sense of understanding, ownership and pride in their homes.
The house meets circularity standards through the use of modular construction, biobased insulation, and a wooden fa├žade. The roof is covered with solar panels and sedum, which serves as a rainwater storage. The house's compact size, combined with excellent insulation and orientation to the sun, creates optimal climate and energy efficiency, contributing to a sustainable living environment.

Overall, thisproject is a testament to the possibilities of innovative and collaborative housing solutions that prioritize sustainability, affordability, and resident involvement.