Loft Strijp-S

Year: 2013 | Location: Eindhoven, Torenallee | Status: Build | Size: 85 m²
Designers: Tim Kouthoofd, Piotr Szczesniak

Loft Strijp-sLoft Strijp-sLoft Strijp-sLoft Strijp-sLoft Strijp-sLoft Strijp-s

Strijp-S is a former industrial site in Eindhoven.
All lofts are provided with a kitchen island and a “cube”, which accommodates the bathroom and toilet. The rest of the space can be arranged according to the wishes of residents. The main goal of the interior design was providing private (enclosed) space (bedroom) inside the large open space of the loft. The intervention provides a shelter/cocoon without disturbing spatial quality. The intervention also has to be removable and affordable, because the loft is a rental space.

Our intention was also to keep the rough and industrial character of the new space. The solution came from the inspiration of a previous design, the long stay hotel in Friesland. We have proposed a wooden box, free having from the concrete ceiling. The box visually divides the interior for different zones but also allows space flowing around and keeping the space as one and enlarging it. Beneath the box you will find the intimacy of low space.

The box, floor and walls are made from large panels of laminated veneer lumber (LVL). The untreated wood creates contrast with the concrete ceiling and white walls. Inside the bedroom a warm and cozy space has been created. The bedroom has large sliding windows at the front and back, providing great view and light.