Homo Sensorium
Commissioned by: Lorenzo Gerbi - Baltan Laboratories | Date: Dutch Design Week 18 - 26 October 2019  | Location: Natlab, Eindhoven
Design and production: Raphaël Coutin, Ivo Hulskamp
Special thanks to Maximin Mirabel

Homo SensoriumHomo SensoriumHomo SensoriumHomo SensoriumHomo Sensorium

Our sense of touch defines our world and creates its understanding. Not only is it one of the first senses we develop, but according to neurobiologists David Linden, touch is one of the only senses that cannot be switched off. It is our guide and our most sensitive medium. But as we regularly pay ode to the sights, smells and tastes in our everyday lives, how often do we really take the time to consider and appreciate the marvels of touch?

The Homo Sensorium space lures you into a tactile experience. The visitor is invited to explore barefoot a soft, quiet and multi-textured environment. It invites you to experience a new space with child-like freedom - to kick off your shoes, lay on the floor, wonder about colours and listen to the space.

Inspired by the graphical identity of Homo Sensorium, the space becomes a way to escape the mundane, predictable and harsh everyday reality.  Can it be that in our hyper-visualized and digitalised societies, the wonder and value of touch as a sense begins to fade?

Homo SensoriumHomo SensoriumHomo SensoriumHomo Sensorium