Expeditie Circulair

Year: 2020 -
Location: Various Station
Status: ongoing
Client: ProRail

‘Expeditie Circulair’ is a strategy designed by Bygg architecture & design that targets the circular potential around a small station, through inclusive and circular design approach. The aim of this expedition is to activate circular thinking in the local community, by creating awareness about circular possibilities for business and social development in and around the station area.
This is achieved through real-life use cases, where a circular ambassador is invited to tackle a local issue in a circular manner during a residency on the station.
Under the guidance of Bygg A&D, the circular ambassador delivers a symbolic, but real solution to an issue raised by the local community and stakeholders. The physical solutions from one station are expected to be replicable in other similar stations across the country. The work of the ambassador is documented, mapped and is a living example of circular resources and possibilities - the circular potential - in the area of intervention.
The results of the ‘Expeditie Circulair’  - blueprints, concepts, and social and circular network maps - are stored in an open source platform, which is publicly accessible for inspiration and ideas.