Den Hofstate
Year: 2020 | Location: Waalre, Eindhovenseweg | Status: Build | Client: Census Vastgoed | Size: 926 m² (11apartments)
Designers: Tim Kouthoofd, Piotr Szczesniak, Hanna Lenart

Den HofstateDen HofstateDen HofstateDen HofstateDen HofstateDen Hofstate

Census Vastgoed, has given the assignment to Bygg Architecture to develop a new plan for 11 apartments. The four story apartment building is built between two existing buildings at the Eindhovenseweg in Waalre.

Zoning rules dictated scale and density and we wanted to design a building that would fit its surroundings. The building has been executed as three floors with brick façade and topped with an extra floor behind a tilted zinc roof, lined with dormers. The brick façade gets divided in a rhythm of 3 by 3 surfaces, which receives extra tactility by placing the infill of these surfaces as a setback. One of these 9 patches forms the passage way to the covered main entrance and the backyard where the parking lots are.

The architecture can be described as modest, with reference to classical design principles and with contemporary touches and eye for detail. The apartments are comfortable, highly insulated, and all electric, fitted with solar panels and infrared floor heating, besides all the other contemporary conveniences you may expect. The apartments are rented to short stay tenants and therefor completely finished and furnished by the owner.