De Mersjant
Delivered in 2022 | Location: Tilburg, Koopvaardijstraat | Status: built | Client: Census Real Estate | Size: 3600 m²
Designers: Tim Kouthoofd, Piotr Szczesniak, Hanna Lenart

Bygg got a commission to redesign the former Hopmans terrain in Tilburg, as a final piece in the transformation of the Piushaven area. The new development called De Mersjant includes 67 new apartments and restoration of 4 town houses.

The buildings at the streetside have a different treatment from the buildings on the back of the plot. The architecture at the front fits in with the existing building line; the back has its own materialization and a cascading volume to provide daylight and privacy for the neighbors.

To embed the project in the complex urban context, the plan was developed with a ‘quality team’, which included urban planners and residents. As a result of these sessions, we introduced a vertical garden at the back of the plot, that follows the contour of the demolished buildings.

A publicly accessible pocket park guides the pedestrian from the busy street to a  sheltered, green courtyard.