Commissioned by: Fulco Treffers (Glaskring), Park Strijp Beheer, Woonbedrijf | Date: Dutch Design Week 2019, 18-26 October | Location: Strijp-S, Eindhoven
Designers: Raphaël Coutin, Ivo Hulskamp
Special thanks to Maximin Mirabel & Theo Typisch


Hidden in plain sight, Circulab was the name given to a former industrial building.
Circulab was decommissioned from its original use in 2019, before all machinery got removed Bygg was asked to open the space to the public and show, for the first time, the building to a public audience.

Within the 3 weeks before the opening Raphaël & Ivo set camp in this building and improvised in situ an exhibition space. The exhibition show case a series of interviews explaining the ambitions of the space to become a hub for circular experiments.

Oranges filters came to color the main space and together with a soundscape created by two dutch composers, the exhibition became a multisensorial experience. Experimenting with what is around the two designers created the first set of tables and stools using old PVC pipe.

Later, they also design a collection of 4 filter lights with a series of art prints.