CD one
Year: 2022  | Location: Disketteweg, 1033 NW Amsterdam | Client: Being
Designers: Raphaël Coutin, Ivo Hulskamp
Special thanks to Martynas Gailiušas

CD-One is the name given to a new office building in the north of Amsterdam.
In 2022, with the completion of the building, Bygg was asked to design a seating element to be placed next to a jeu de boules.

The surrounding area used to be highly industrial with large shipyards, steel factories... For a few decades already, the area is in constant transformation, the industry has moved elsewhere and more service-based companies, small studios started arriving. In the neighborhood the streets are named after computer themes; disketteweg, Netwerkweg, Back-upstraat, binairstraat...

With these two facts in mind, Ivo & Raphael created a concrete disk, engraved like an LP vinyl record, on which two industrial steel beam come to rest. On top, ten wooden seats can slide along and adjust to any seating configuration.

One of the main concerns was to create a piece that can age well in an outdoor environment. This is the reason we choose these materials, the steel beam will rust but by floating on a few stainless steel rings it will not affect the concrete. Furthermore, we used durable hardwood mounted on a stainless steel frame.