Bygg Architecture Office @Pic2.0
Year: 2018 | Location: Eindhoven, Leidingstraat | Status: build | Client: Bygg Architecture & Design | Size: 47 m²
Designers: Tim Kouthoofd, Piotr Szczesniak


The design of this circular office is modular, composed by 3 shipping containers which are connected along the longer side in order to create an open plan work space. This approach allows to use the space more efficiently and to make the units easier to move to a new location in the future.We combined new and recycled elements, such as containers, re-used windows and second-hand furniture. The interior is made of standard birch plywood panels that cover all the ceiling and walls. Also the custom made window frames, bookshelf, doors and built-in cabinets are built with the same material. The climate is controlled by an electric heat-pump running on solar on the roof and wind power from the grid