Bygg Architecture & Design has designed a temporary office and visitor center for Brainport Smart District, The Future of Living. The design is based on the modular units of NEZZT / De Meeuw.

This office is movable, modular, flexible, and durable. It is a modest building with honest materials, which will serve as a project office and visitor area for the BSD organization in the coming years .The design is sober, effective, light, and airy, in short, a pleasant and healthy working environment. The design is based on the 7 program lines of Brainport Smart District: 

Mobile and adaptive: the building consists of units that are prefabricated and transportable. The flexible structure makes it possible to move the building over time.
The building is suitable for mobile and less mobile employees and guests and has a disabled toilet. 

Circular: the building is made of honest materials, which are also reused by De Meeuw for the next building.