Year: 2022 | Location: Eindhoven, Strijp-S | Status: built | Client: Sint Trudo & Springplank | Size: 47m2
Designers: Raphael Coutin, Hanna Lenart, Ivo Hulskamp, Tim Kouthoofd, Piotr Szczesniak
Special thanks to Corradino Garofalo, Jasper Bloem, Barry Llewellyn, Jihoon Bae, Enrique Perdok


Bakkie040 is an initiative from Springplank that provides a workingexperience as baristas for ex-homeless. Together with Trudo, providing housing for the worker, Bakkie040 serves as a training coffee bar and help them constructing their life back with a home and a job.

This social initiative was very well fitting the spirit of Plug-in-City so itwas decided to make it an extension of Plug-in-city, built in the same circular mindset on Ketelhuisplein, in the heart of Strijp-S.

Bygg architecture & design was responsible for both the design and the production of the building itself and the interior including the furniture. The exterior is made of 3 reused shipping containers and glass panels also repurposed from a nearby building Het Veem. The design allows them to be easily detached and be easily moved elsewhere. The interior and the pieces of furniture are carefully detailed from pine plywood, which were harvested from an exhibition 100 Jaar Groot Eindhoven.

Artist Tijs Rooijakkers sculpted the double turning hands in front.