Villa 24
Year: 2016 | Location: Son en Breugel | Status: concept | Client: private | Size: 105 m²
Designers: Tim Kouthoofd, Piotr Szczesniak

Villa 24Villa 24Villa 24Villa 24Villa 24Villa 24

The villa is designed on the edge of a former production forest; this element returns in the design, in which the structure is fully made of pine wood and the facades are cladded in pine wood. The pattern of vertical lines is softened by the rounded corners. The house uses the features of the location at the edge of the forest, by playing with the open and closed parts of the facade, allowing a maximum flow of daylight and connection with the natural surroundings in balance with the privacy from the road.

The house consists of 3 interconnected volumes. The main volume includes all living spaces and the master ensuite. The central element of the house open kitchen and block that contains the grand staircase and all facilities (toilet, wardrobe, storage). In the smaller volume located are garage and garden room. Those two volumes linked are by "bridge" or sort of canopy: children's bedrooms.