Curator: Guus Beumer | Graphic design: Experimental Jetset | Production: Landstra & De Vries | Date: 13 September 2015 - 8 May 2016 | Location: Het Nieuwe Instituut , Rotterdam NL | Link: tijdelijkmodemuseum.....
Spatial design: Even Architecture, Gabriel A. Maher, Raphaël Coutin

Temporary Fashion MuseumTemporary Fashion MuseumTemporary Fashion MuseumTemporary Fashion MuseumTemporary Fashion Museum

The Hacked project by fashion designers Alexander van Slobbe and Francisco van Benthum is a commentary on today’s fast fashion phenomenon: cheap clothes sold in a rapid succession of collections. By appropriating and upcycling the remnants from this industry of overproduction, Van Slobbe and Van Benthum transform themselves from product designers into process designers who see waste as their material. Hacked is not only a critique of the effects of the contemporary fashion industry but also an exploration of possible new roles for the fashion designer in the design and production process.

This temporary shop has been designed following similar principal. We have kept most of the element of the previous exhibition and design new layer over it. The space was divided in three section: the shop, display the collection – the corridor, explaining the design process and the context of the project -  the statement, bringing the visitor is the world of fast fashion factory – the whole finishing on a long hanger carrying the hacked collection.