Saxon Loop in Gazeta Wyborcza

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On February 28th 2013, the Polish Journalist Dariusz Bartoszewicz published an article in the Warsaw issue of Gazeta Wyborcza.

The article is a follow-up on a previous article about the public debate concerning the vision for Marszalkowska Street crossing with most important historical axis in Warsaw. In the article, Piotr Szczesniak is interviewed by the journalist and he shares his vision and plans for the area, which has also been part of Bygg’s proposal ‘Moderna OdNova’.

Bygg has shared schemes and impressions of plans to connect Pilsudski Square and Saxon Garden with Hale Mirowskie by introducing a pedestrian bridge and a winding bike bridge over Marszalkowska Street, reconnecting the Saxon Axis at the very location of the original ‘Iron Gate’. The pedestrian bridge and bike bridge cross each other in the green ’isle in the middle of the road’. New functions can be proposed on the ‘isle’ to revive this piece of waste land.

Read the entire article (Polish) here.